We support environmental protection but we also treasure the freedom of choice. A Municipal Ban on Shark Fins is not the solution. Leave it to the Federal Government.

Finning is obsolete. Practically all shark fins are from legitimate sources where no finning and no endangered species of sharks are killed. Sharks meat is being eaten all over the world without any problem from animal rights activists and yet shark fin, the 5% of the shark is blocked by them. They claim that there are about 100 million sharks being killed a year for shark fin but then they say many of them are endangered. Common sense tells me that if you can catch 100 million of them in the vast oceans there must be billions of others still thriving in them. This supports the fact that there are only 3 endangered species of sharks recognized by CITES. All shark fins used in restaurants here are imported with certificates and randomly tested by DFO. Alice Wong is just announcing what is told from Ottawa. There are always people who like to cause commotion but for the rest I would like you to look deeper and not to be fooled by out-dated pictures and distorted viewpoints.