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Director Board
Title Name Restaurant Name
President David Chung Jade Seafood Restaurant
Vice President Guan Wen Shi Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine Group
Vice President Benny Ng Gingeri Chinese Cuisine
Vice President Sunny Ho Kam Do Bakery Ltd
Director & Chief Secretary William Tse Uniking Enterprises (Canada) Ltd.
Financial  Director Gigi Zheng Prince Seafood Restaurant
Executive Director Louis Kong Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant
Executive Director Brian Yu Floata Seafood Restaurant
Executive Director Tom Mah Continental Seafood Restaurant
Executive Director Tong Chun Kwong Golden Ocean Restaurant
Executive Director Tony Wong HCCW Seafood Restaurant
Executive Director Jackie Cheng Fortune House Seafood Restaurant
Executive Director Francis Zheng Rainflower Hotel Management Inc.
Executive Director Peter Ip Neptune Seafood Restaurant
Executive Director Betty Hsia Shiang Garden Restaurant
Executive Director Daniel Liang Ho Yuen Kee
Executive Director Alex Wang Bin Peninsula Seafood Restaurant
Executive Director James Liu Zu Jun Bushuair Restaurant
Executive Director Frank Mao Sun Sui Wah Restaurant
Executive Director Sunnie Cao Yan Fortune Terrace Chinese Cuisine
Executive Director Hao Zheng Wen Hao's Lamb Restaurant
Executive Director Alvin Zheng Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant
Executive Director Hellen Ran Liuyishou North America Management Company
Executive Director Yuan Gang Yuan's Chuan Chuan Xiang
Founder Member Albert Leung Top Gun Group
Founder Member Zhi Sheng Kong Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant


Restaurant Contact Person Website Phone
0755 Restaurant Jiang Kang Feng  Link 604-273-0755
5 Tastes Chinese Bistro Zuo An  Link 604-228-9870
Alvin Garden Ivy Jiang  Link 604-285-3668
Ban Dan Pearl Seafood Restaurant Alex Wang  Link 604-620-8808
Bushuair Restaurant James Liu  Link 604-207-0386
Big Chef Kitchen Tsui Tak Tim  
China House Seafood Restaurant Harris Niu Hua   604-284-5511
Cindys Palace Chinese Seafood Restaurant Liao Xi Qiu  Link 604-253-6183
Continental Restaurant Tom Mah  Link 604-278-6331
Deer Garden Signatures Gordon Mui Kei Lok  Link 604-278-9229
Dinesty Dumpling House Johnny Huang  Link 604-278-7773
Dolar Shop Lucy Liu  Link 778-302-5211
Fishermans Terrace Restaurant David Ngan Hon Man  Link 604-303-9739
Flamingo House Chinese Restaurant Joseph Lee  Link 604-325-4511
Floata Seafood Restaurant Brian Yu  Link 604-602-0368
Fortune House Seafood Restaurant Jackie Cheng  Link 604-438-5118
Fortune Terrace Chinese Cuisine Sunnie Cao Yan  Link 604-285-8980 
Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant Jack Kong  Link 604-568-1288
Gah Lok Dim Sum Lyle Li  Link  604-873-2233
Garden City Hot Pot Restaurant Albert Leung  Link 604-303-0909
Gingeri Chinese Cuisine Benny Ng  Link 604-278-6006
Golden Lake Seafood Restaurant Alan Deng   604-298-2468
Golden Ocean Seafood Restaurant Tong Chun Kwong  Link 604-263-8886
Golden Oscar Restaurant Tong Chun Kwong  Link 604-437-8138
Golden Paramount  Seafood Restaurant May Chau  Link 604-278-0873
Golden Swan Seafood Restaurant Tong Chun Kwong  Link 604-321-6621
Good Choice Restaurant Tom Mah  Link 604-325-9788
Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant Louis Kong  Link 604-432-6002
Grand Honour Restaurant Lawrence Chan   604-263-3983
Hao's Lamb Restaurant Hao Zheng Wen   604-270-6632
Happiness Seafood Restaurant Wang Hao Huo  Link 778-590-8390
Happy Tree House BBQ  Su Xiang   778-952-6318
HCCW Seafood Restaurant Tony Wong  Link 604-249-0080
Ho Yuen Kee Liang Rong You  Link 604-324-8855
I-Café Louis Kong  Link 604-630-0238
Imperial City Bistro Jerry Zhang  Link 604-270-7799
Il Nido Inventive Italian Dining Peter Ip  Link 604-685-6436
Jade Seafood Restaurant David Chung  Link 604-273-6266
Jianghu Taiwanses Pot & Wok Cuisines Roger Chen  Link 604-207-1388
Kalvin's Szechuan Restaurant Ku Kun Ho   604-321-2888
Kam Do Bakery Ltd Sunny Ho Keung San  Link 604-284-5611
Ken's Chinese Restaurant Ken Liang Zhen Pei  Link 604-873-6338
Kungfu Fish Tway Yu  Link 778-919-1238
Kwong Chow Congee & Noodle Maggie Li  Link 604-876-8520
Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant Mark Shuo   604-428-8885
Little Sheep Mongolia Hot Pot George Jiao  Link 604-231-8966
Liuyishou North America Management Company Helen Xiao Han Ran  Link 604-285-6122
Lung Kee Congee Noodles Tong Chun Kwong  Link 604-273-3669
Mambo Café Tong Chun Kwong  Link 604-273-3669
Manzo Itamae Ellie Kwok  Link 604-821-9834
Manzo Japanese Restaurant Ellie Kwok  Link 604-278-2882
Master Six Hot Pot Lisa Zhong   604-432-9198
Maxim's Bakery Steve Yuen   Link 604-876-8266
Ming Yan Seafood Restaurant Raymond Lin   778-219-1886
Morals Village Hot Pot Frank Feng  Link 778-237-3737
Neptune Seafood Restaurant Peter Ip  Link 604-207-9888
Neptune Wonton Noodle Restaurant Peter Ip  Link 604-207-9888
New Starlet Seafood Restaurant Derek Yeung  Link 604-436-2986
Parklane Seafood Restaurant Tony Wong   604-273-0888
Pearl Castle Cafe Jimmy Chen  Link 604-270-3939
Pelican Restaurant Byron Zhao  Link 604-251-3395
Peninsula Seafood Restaurant Alex Wang Bin  Link 604-428-9999
Phoenix Garden Chinese Seafood Restaurant Raymond Cho  Link 604-568-8268
Pink Pearl Restaurant Alvin Zheng  Link 604-253-4316
Prince Seafood Restaurant Gigi Zheng  Link 604-430-6808
Rainflower Hotel Management Inc. Francis Zheng   604-278-7288
Richmond Sushi Albert Leung  Link 604-207-7799
Rick Shaw Chinese Food  Howard Cheng  Link 604-581-1161
Russell Brewing Company Peter Xu  Link 604-599-1190
Ryuu Izakaya Peter Ip  Link 604-233-0306
Saint Germain Bakery Mickey Zhao  Link 604-276-2381 
Shabuclub Enterprises Ltd. Roger Chen  Link 604-721-6027
Shanghai Wonderful Restaurant Franklin Pan  Link 604-278-8829
Shiang Garden Seafood Restaurant Betty Hsia  Link 604-273-8858
Shine Valley Lamb Soup Tiger Yang  Link 778-877-3733
Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine Guan Wen Shi  Link 604-279-8998
Shi-Art Express Guan Wen Shi   604-267-3888
Spicy World Victor Ng   604-370-3386
Strike Nelson Ou   604-821-0880
Suhang Restaurant William Zhou Wei  Link 604-278-7787
Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant John Huang  Link 604-872-8822
The Captain's Boil - North Vancouver Michael Tang  Link  
The Captain's Boil - Richmond Ying Zhou  Link 604-279-0158
The Captain's Boil - Vancouver Michelle Li  Link 604-565-3999
Tian Shi Fu Restaurant Tian Fook  Link 604-276-9168
Tin Tin Seafood Harbour Restaurant Guan Wen Shi  Link 604-279-8998
Top Gun J&C Restaurant Francis Zheng   604-231-8006
Top Gun Sushi Albert Leung  Link 604-433-6388
Top Shanghai Cuisine Restaurant Peter Ngai  Link 604-278-8790
Tropika Louis Kong  Link 604-432-6002
Western Lake Seafood Restaurant Mah Wah Chung  Link 604-321-6862
Yan's Garden Chinese Restaurant Dan Cheuk  Link 604-421-8823
Yu Fei Yu Roast Fish Ltd. Steven Zhang   778-297-2000
Yuan's Chuan Chuan Xiang Yuan Gang  Link 604-285-9266
Yuan's Garden Restaurant Ge Feng   778-297-6098
Yuan's Serendipity Cuisine Ltd. Zhu Xiao Yang  Link 778-868-1238
Z&Y Shanghai Seafood Cuisine Zhu Xiao Yang  Link  778-380-8777


Associate Members
Business Website Phone
Alouette Ware Wash Chemicals Inc.   Link 604-233-7722
Bayshore Gateways Corporation  Link 778-895-6835
Bluelight Marketing Solutions  Link 604-620-3333
Bright Harvest Enterprises Inc.   604-278-6680
CBA Electrical & Security Systems Ltd.  Link 604-263-1882
Channel 2 Pay Ltd.  Link 604-663-1286 
China Pottery Trading Ltd.  Link 604-232-9908  Link 778-323-3887
Chung Hing Co., Ltd   604-324-7411
Classic Detergent Co   604-304-0221
De Yuan Stainless Steel Fabrication Ltd.   Link 604-317-7936
Dealuse Technology Inc.  Link 604-285-5258 
Disposal Queen Ltd.  Link 778-929-1023
FanDine Technologies Inc.  Link 778-379-1799
Fooshion Style Holding Ltd.  Link 604-594-7557
Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry  Link 604-278-8387
Go Go Canada Food Service Ltd.   604-303-0852
Grand Success Trading (Canada) Ltd.   604-270-6266
Hung Fung Noodle Ltd.  Link 604-279-8835
J&B Quality Enterprises (2006) Lld.   604-278-5200
Key Events & Weddings Inc  Link 604-506-3688
Ng Fung Enterprises (1999) Ltd   604-273-2826
Nutra Trading Co., Ltd   604-602-1138
Sun Ming Enterprises Ltd.   Link 604-233-0360
Super Towels Service Inc.   778-889-9755
Supreme Meat Supplies Ltd.  Link 604-299-0541
Uniking Enterprises (Canada) Ltd.  Link 604-271-2828
VanboxShop  Link 778-986-8810
W & R Produce   604-488-8843
What's In Media Group  Link 604-331-1567
Wingsum International Trading Inc.  Link 604-370-3610